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LCSW Supervision

We are thrilled to offer supervision for those working to obtain their clinical license in the state of Texas. It's a rewarding experience to witness budding clinicians as they develop their skills and confidence while providing support and guidance to others. We take great pride in being social workers and love helping others build confidence in their clinical skills.

In addition, we've recently revised our curriculum to not only prepare you to provide clinical social work and address individual needs as they arise but also to better prepare you for the LCSW exam. Our curriculum includes practical checklists to use in your practice, provides easy access to clinical resources, and assists you in creating a portfolio showcasing your skills, training, and experience.

Since our curriculum is designed as a rolling program, you can join a group at any time. By attending a minimum of 50 hours per year for two years, you'll be well-prepared to take and pass the exam and embark on your own practice. Contact us today to inquire about joining a group already in progress, or feel free to ask about individual supervision if that's your preference.

For further information, please reach out to us at:

Phone: (903) 399-5131

We look forward to supporting you in your journey toward becoming a licensed clinical social worker.