Are You a Murderino?

When I was a kid, my parents had a coffee table book that was about true crime. I remember reading that book and believing I had to be such a weirdo to be reading out true crime. But then I saw the entire true crime section at bookstores and libraries…..I then decided that I must not be alone. Today we have entire shows and channels devoted to true crime….and even podcasts. One of the first podcasts I listened to was Serial, which was abo you guessed it….a true crime story. Honestly, at least lately, I have to know my limits. There have been shows and podcasts that stuck with me and "freaked" me out. When that happens, I take a break from all things "murder-y" and proceed carefully when I choose to watch one. Enter My Favorite Murder. Are you a murderino? (A name dubbed by the podcasters for those obsessed with murder, as well as listeners to their show.) This is a podcast that is somehow both a comedy and a true-crime podcast at the same time. In this arena, I don't often have a story lingering in my head in the middle of the night, keeping me awake. I recently read their book, Stay Sexy and Don't Get Murdered, and here are five things I love about Georgia and Karen….and three things that you might want to consider before reading and/or listening to their podcast.

  1.  Georgia and Karen are down to earth. While their "humble beginnings" in the entertainment industry might not look like yours or mine. Karen was a comedy writer for shows. Georgia had a cooking and travel channel. But really, they are just two friends who connected in their interest in talking about true crime and decided to do a podcast.
  2. Georgia and Karen are also Brené Brown fangirls. I love that within their story of meeting, they were talking about reading Daring Greatly, and their attempts at being authentic within their podcast. Being a fangirl myself, I love finding others who are trying to soak up Brené's wisdom.
  3. Georgia and Karen are proponents of going to therapy. They talk openly about going to a therapist. Healthy people have therapists, friends. Let's get rid of the stigma about going to a therapist and get ourselves some time on the couch.
  4. Georgia and Karen own up to their mistakes on the reg. They often have a segment in each of their podcasts, giving updates and correcting mistakes from previous podcasts. This is not just about fact-checking; it gives us all permission to mess up…to be human.
  5. Georgia and Karen are victim advocates. They aren't just glorifying the criminal. They seem to genuinely connect with the victims and find a balance between learning some safety measures from murder stories and pushing against the patriarchy that sometimes lays the blame on the victim and downplays the roles of the perpetrator.

And just a few things to consider before jumping into being a murderino yourself and listening to their podcast.

  1. They do talk about murder and gruesome, gritty stuff. Not everyone will want to listen to this discussion.
  2. They cuss quite a bit. This doesn't bother me in the least, but if you would rather not listen to some swear words woven throughout, you might want to pass on this podcast.
  3. Some of their discussion is for sure more adult-themed, not too intense or graphic, but still something for the listener/reader to consider.

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