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LCSW Supervision

We are excited to offer supervision for those working to obtain their clinical license, in the state of Texas. It is a joy to watch budding clinicians gain skills and confidence as they offer support and guidance to others. We have great pride in being a social workers and love helping others build confidence in their clinical skills.

In addition, we have recently revised a curriculum that in addition to preparing you to provide clinical social work and address individual needs as they arise….the curriculum prepares you better for the LCSW exam, as well as helps prepare you with practical checklists to use going into practice, develops easy to access clinical resources, and helps you create a portfolio of your own skills, training and experience.

Because the curriculum is designed as a rolling curriculum, you can join a group at any time….and provided you attend a minimum of 50 hours per year for two years, you will be ready to take and pass the exam, as well as get started in your own practice. Contact us today about joining a group already in progress….or ask about individual supervision if that’s what you’d prefer!

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