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Sandtray Therapy

Sandtray is a powerful technique in counseling.  It accesses information from the emotional and creative center of the brain by having the client place miniatures (small items of various types) in a tray of sand.  Then, teen and adult clients use their rational and logical part of the brain to describe what the miniatures mean to them (or what they might represent).  I wrote a blog post about one of my personal Sandtrays that might be helpful for you to understand a bit more.  Check that out here.

I completed a certification process with Southern Sandtray Institute in October of 2017.  Completing that process certifies me as a Registered Integrative Sandtray Therapist.  In short, what that means to you, I  have advanced training on various techniques, I do my own Sandtrays for personal growth, and I get excited for my clients to do Sandtray in their sessions!