Walk-Up Songs

Do you have a walk-up song? At baseball games, when a player walks up to bat, they play over the loudspeakers a snippet of a song hand-picked by the player. You can call it a theme song if you like, or a song that represents you. It could also change over time! I had a client recently introduce me to the song "Second Wind" by Kelly Clarkson. It seems like a pretty good walk-up song. A couple of years ago, I was tasked with determining a walk-up song for myself. I am married to a baseball fan, so I enlisted his support. We tossed around a couple of Katy Perry songs. At the time, I believe I picked "Roar." Then a few months back, my husband told me I had a new walk-up for me. Sadly, I didn't listen close enough. I heard him, but I didn't. But then I saw the video I've attached to this blog. It is so worth watching some of the backstory of this performance, that was just a rehearsal. I showed this video to my hubby, and he said, "I told you about that song. That's the song I told you would be your new walk-up song. I'll take it!!! Do you have a walk-up song? I would LOVE to hear yours!