Finding the Keys Within

A little over a year ago, I attended a training in Tennessee that came highly recommended. And honestly, I wasn't sure what to expect. I felt pretty informed and experienced in several good modalities. I remember quite vividly when Lisa Schwarz, my trainer and the developer of the model, taught that we would "stay out of our body" at all costs, and yet the healing is in the body. This model, Comprehensive Resource Model, is one that layers in resources so that your body can communicate with you what healing you need. Your body KNOWS what it needs. We need to trust it. It resonated with me how we avoid our bodies. We will stay up in our heads and think so much, avoiding the feelings that are in the body. I regularly ask a client, "Where do you feel that in your body?" The response I most often get is that they don't know. We, as a culture, are not accustomed to checking in with our bodies, where so much wisdom is held. Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM) layers in those resources so we can tune in and listen, so we can access the healing that our brains and bodies know how to give. It is a simple concept, but it is one that needs to be experienced. It can help you with the smallest of issues to extraordinary and complex trauma. CRM reinforces my belief that we all hold the keys to our healing, and a therapist merely assists you in finding those keys within yourself. To learn more, check out their website and/or find a therapist trained in CRM so you can try it for yourself.