Fun and Amazing Book

This is a book that has quickly become a recommended read for anyone who wants to change their relationship to food and body.  It is an easy read.  It is a fun read.  It is PACKED with information that is researched and solid.  I loved reading this.  It does have some profanity, as one might assume from the title, but not as much as you might expect....again based on the title. It is not just fun, but it has useful information. It is thorough with many of the recommendations in giving up diets and changing your relationship to your body.  This is likely a good first read for many who are just beginning to question dieting.  Of course, I have some other reliable recommendations, but so long as you aren't put off by a touch of profanity, it reads like a good friend talking to you telling it like it is, but also bringing up some great points.  She did her research and packaged it together nicely.  Check out The F*ck It Diet by Caroline Dooner.

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