Befriending Your Body

There are a few books that I read and feel like they change things for me on a personal level. Then I think they could change things for my clients and my friends. When I come across such books, I get chatty about it. I just finished such a book. Come As You Are, by Emily Nagoski, is a book that uses science to help you understand and appreciate your body. It demonstrates that there is a 99.9% chance that your body is not broken and is normal…..and okay…..and good. The bulk of the content is about sex and meant for women. It is more, though. 

Using science, the author helps us understand how emotions move through our bodies and affect us. Women, especially women who are having sex or want to, could benefit from reading this book. Women not having sex and with no plan to have sex could benefit from reading this to understand our bodies and emotions. Men could benefit from reading this if they have a female sexual partner that they would like to understand and support as she builds confidence in her body and experiences pleasure and joy. 

This book is a game-changer, even if you have a satisfying sex life. I started reading this before the global pandemic hit the US. I was listening to it on audiobook. Because I tend to listen to books while driving, my driving amount slowed down so much. It took me some time to finish it, but I have loved this book so much and ended up getting a print copy to re-read and highlight and markup for reference. 

I also started listening to the next book that she wrote with her sister, Burnout, and am already excited about it.

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