Free Fall

My friend said to me, "There's good news, and there's bad news." You know the way this goes, right? She said, "The bad news is we are in a free fall." I hear this and think, sure, that's why we feel so disoriented. She agrees. Our bodies feel the inertia and discomfort, doesn't feel natural.

Then she said, "The good news is there is no landing." Now this one takes me a minute. Okay, more than a minute. The truth is, I am still chewing on it. She's not just a friend, she's a mentor. She challenges my thoughts and beliefs, stretching me.

Now I love a metaphor as much as the next guy, so I run with this one a bit. I ask her, "Have we always been in a free fall?" She nods. And I wonder if that is true. Sometimes we have a surface underneath us, like a carpet and think we have landed. But it's falling too. And from time to time, it flies out from underneath us, so we know we are falling. We work hard to get it back under us for that security, but it isn't the ground. Sometimes we find another carpet and think that is the landing. But it isn't. There is no landing, just like there is no spoon (Matrix fans know what I am talking about).

So, my job is to find that center and grounding within myself. My friend, mentor, guru shook me up a bit. But I am accepting of this concept because it makes so much sense. We are in a free fall, friends. Take a deep breath. Maybe even enjoy the feeling at times, like we do on roller coasters.