Still Missing a Step Here and There

I recently read a quote from Lemony Snicket describing what it's like when you experience the death of a loved one. He likened it to walking up the stairs in the dark and then thinking there is one more step than there is. When you try to take the next step and nothing is there, and your foot falls differently than you expected, it takes a minute to readjust. I liked this description of a feeling that I think many of us have experienced over the last few months, adjusting to changes because of a global pandemic. These are changes that continue to change and require adjusting. 

I also saw a meme that I COULD NOT find. (If you know where to find this meme, help a girl out.) The meme said we are operating at about 66%. With the global pandemic, our brains don't allow us to be in crisis mode for much past six weeks. Yet, we aren't up to optimal operating either. Maybe we don't try for that last step except 1 out of every 3 times. It was a good reminder to myself that it is okay and normal to have some struggles still. We are adjusting as we go. Hang in there, friends.