A Must Read

When this book came out last year, I had to get it. Christy Harrison is well known in the world of recovery from disordered eating.  She has a great podcast.  She is a trusted source for figuring out how to live in a world where diet culture is the norm.  

I took my time reading it.  I wanted to absorb the information.  And honestly, I would read it in chunks then get spitting mad.  We NEED to get mad, friends!  Diet culture is a liar....and as Christy so poignantly explains, a thief.  A thief of our time, our money, and our well-being! 

Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size are amazing books.  If you have not read them, put them on your reading list.  They are the pioneers and the staples in....well....intuitive eating and pursuing health at every size.  Anit-Diet is up there on the list of reads....it's neck and neck with quality.  It is researched and well written. It is a must-read! 

I am one of those who would loves to consume books.  I love printed books, Kindle versions, and audible.  I got the printed book and was reading it (also marking it with highlighters and post-it notes) when one of my kitties threw up a hairball on it, actually destroying it.  I got the book on Kindle and finished reading it electronically.  But..I needed that hard copy again so I can mark it up as a reference.  So, I got it and have started using it for my own reference, for reference when working with clients, and....it will be used for reference when I get this dissertation going.

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