Neutral Content, Please

Last week, I talked about diet culture and how it is everywhere. As someone who enjoys watching films and television shows and reading books (fiction and non-fiction), I would like to make a list of options that are simply neutral. A few options are out there that are body-positive (which are great), but can we have some neutral content, too? Just don't mention diets or make body-shaming comments. Can we just not? Even better is to include various shapes and sizes, and it NOT BE about their bodies, just normalize that people come in a variety of shapes and sizes. I will admit that I am extra sensitive to the content because I am conscious of the pain it can cause many of my clients with body image concerns and because, ugh… it's not funny and it's unnecessary. I am all for body-positive messages as well. These go to the top of my list to support the message, as well as the artists putting this particular content out there.

Allow me to highlight an example that was shared with me recently—Gilmore Girls and the character of Sookie. Sookie wasn't the lead, but she was a strong supporting actress, portrayed by Melissa McCarthy. She is a good friend to one of the leads, and she develops a healthy and positive romantic relationship. If you watched the show, you know. Sookie is not in a thin body, and the storyline is not about her body or the need to change it. It is nice to see this show up. It is happening slightly more these days and there are a few other examples out there. I want to keep a list of body-neutral and body-positive books, films, and shows. So send your suggestions my way. I would love to hear about them and check them out!