Family Resource Recommendation

This week, I wanted to highlight a resource for you. This resource is particularly for family members of individuals with eating disorders. So much focus goes on the individual with the eating disorder, leaving the family in the shadows. They are often significantly impacted. 

Becky Henry offers many resources for you. Check out her website. She has online support groups. You are even allowed to attend one group per month for free. And if you want to attend more, it is only about $40 per month. She has a HUG toolkit that is a great value, including several resources. 

As I am writing this, she's offering a discount due to the pandemic. But it is a great value even without the discount. If you have a loved one dealing with an eating disorder, do not neglect your own support needs. If you can get some individual counseling, that would be ideal. In addition to that, or if you are unable to get your own, I highly recommend the resources here with Becky Henry's work.