Ocean Waves

Have you ever heard the idea of seeing emotions as waves that wash over you? Depending on how deep in the water you are, sometimes the waves hit your feet, and sometimes you think the waves are going to knock you over. And generally, even if you get knocked over, you can get back up. 

I recently went to a water park with my husband. Two things I like to do at a water park are the lazy river and the wave pool. When we were doing the wave pool, I was close to the shore a couple of times, and the waves knocked me down. I could not stop laughing. I tried to get up and would fall right back down. This continued over and over, with me laughing real belly laughs the whole time. 

My response still amuses me, and I wonder if there is a way to take this metaphor to our emotions. Because don't our emotions sometimes knock us down? Can we find a way to have fun with it? I'm not sure I know the answer or how to make this happen, but I loved the lived metaphor of the waves knocking me down and tickling my funnybone!