Clients who visit my office in person may notice something added to the wall.  It is a list of reminders about our mental health.  It was a gift to me over the holiday, and I appreciate each of these reminders.  I read an article about an influencer who expressed annoyance, and took umbrage, with one of the reminders listed on my new sign.  Yet I took the time to decide what I thought of the reminder, and I want to be reminded of it as well as each of these in the picture.  You can do the same.  Decide if you like each of these reminders or make your own list.  Pick and choose from this list, and add your own.  Maybe your reminders will change regularly.  Maybe mine will as well.  Humans are ever-changing, adapting, and evolving.  To me, that is a beautiful thing. 

 Here’s a list of the reminders from the picture:

· Make time for yourself and take breaks

· It’s ok to have bad and unproductive days

· You deserve love, care, and support

· Allow yourself to feel, don’t ignore and hide your feelings, try to hear and accept them

· Listen to your emotions and what they are trying to tell you

· The same good you see in others is within you too

· It’s ok to have days where the only thing you do is survive

· Trust yourself, the journey you are on, and that things get better

What would you add to this list?