Nobody Can Have This Baby But You!

  More than sixteen years ago, when I was in labor with my second child, I had to push for two hours before she would make her appearance. After about an hour or so, I was so tired and didn't feel like I could do it anymore. I said so. I said, "I can't. I need to stop." Cut to me learning an incredible life lesson! A room full of people. People with degrees and experience and knowledge and information and skills. The daddy was there. The doctor. An anesthesiologist. At least one nurse. Maybe more folks than seems like there were tons of folks. But one of these lovely souls said, "nobody can have this baby but you." And I pressed on and had that baby. I often remember back to this phrase. I have used it with clients. I have used it with my children. It is a metaphor for life in so many ways. Surround yourself with supportive folks, smart folks, skilled and capable folks...but when it comes down to many things in your life are truly, at the heart of it all, up to you?


So I ask you...what is that you feel tired of trying?  What do you wish you could let somebody else could do for you?  We all do this from time to time.  Now, ask that even possible?  Take a deep breath and know down in your bones that you have what it takes within you to have this baby...  Take another deep breath and keep going