Completion vs. Competition


I have a friend who is a triathlete.  He trains regularly....running, swimming, biking.  Not long ago, I met another triathlete who said she had placed 3rd in a certain triathlon.  I thought of my friend and shared this with him.  He said, "ah....she is in it for the competition....I am in it for the completion."  He went on to say that there is equal respect for all participants, whether you are competing or completing.  He said he isn't at all interested in placing in the top.  He is just as happy finishing the triathlon.

I thought this was a great attitude and one that we could apply to other areas of our life.  Life is filled with opportunities to participate.  Is there something that you don't participate in because you think you won't be in the top?  Won't be any good?  What's the point?  Shift that attitude...consider participating just to be participating.  Be in it for the completion, not the competition.