My Book Addiction (or Learning to Trust Myself)

books I have to admit something here.  I have a slight book addiction....or something of the sort.  I've known this for a while.  I seem to have a weakness for books.  And if I find a good deal on a book or books at the bookstore or online, that makes it that much more irresistible.  What I have pictured above is only a sample of the many books I own.  It was never more clear to me just how many books I have accumulated until recently when I MOVED them from one home to the next.  Books are heavy.... I remember a conversation I had with my aunt one time, who shares my affinity for books.  I was laughing about my addiction, when she said something quite profound.  She said maybe you keep getting books looking for the information on the outside, not trusting that you have the information on the inside. Wow!  That was deep.  And how true....  Now, let me say this:  I still love books!  I love to read!  I even feel like books have incredible power and can be life-changing.  But....maybe....I need to learn to trust myself more.  The answers ARE inside us.  Get quiet and listen to the wisdom within  you.  No one is a better expert on you than YOU! Now...don't stop reading!  Read for for for for education!  But DO REMEMBER that you can trust yourself to have the information/answers within you, as well! Any books you've read that you recommend?  Do you see yourself looking for answers on the outside, forgetting the answers within?  What other ways do we look on the outside when we might consider looking inside?