The Next Step...

steps I was recently prescribed bifocals.  Wearing bifocals takes some getting used to.  One of the first things I learned was how difficult steps or stairs are.  Looking down, I naturally look through the bifocal that is for closer reading, so the step is blurry.  To use the proper part of the lens, the part for distance viewing, I have to lower my head and it gets pretty awkward feeling.   Up until now, I noticed stairs but I never thought about it, unless there were lots of stairs.  Now, even a few steps can be an exercise is awkwardness.....or an exercise in trust. Trust?  I have stairs in my home and stairs at my work, and I usually make multiple trips up and down stairs daily.  For me, that means, I either need to walk up the stairs weird and awkward like.....or learn to trust that the stairs are there and take the next step.  Maybe I am odd but apparently I have made a habit of seriously studying the steps I am taking AS I am taking them.  I am having to learn NOT to do this.  I am learning to trust that the steps are there and just to take them. As I look at this situation, it reminds me of life.  Oh I know I am a therapist and absolutely love metaphor and philosophy.....all that abstract, heady stuff.  I know that bugs some people.  But indulge me for a moment and look at the metaphor with me, and see the ideas I draw from the bifocal lesson and apply to life.....
  • The steps are there, just take the next one and trust that they are each there and will give you solid grounding as you go.
  • Is it really necessary to look so intently at the step you are on?  Feel it and see how it is there, rather than trusting only what you can "see."
  • Slowing down is not so bad.  Hurrying up or down the stairs isn't always necessary.  Maybe I'll pick up more speed as I learn to trust the steps more, but I do feel I've slowed down a bit going up and down stairs.....and it doesn't seem to be hurting anything at all.
  • Life gives you these opportunities to adjust and overcome, and learn that sometimes the "old" or "usual" way isn't the only way.
What else do you think could be drawn from this life adjustment?  What has happened in your life that could be looked at from the point of view of a life lesson?  What steps are you taking?  What steps are you having trouble trusting?