A Life-changing Tool You Can Use RIGHT NOW

2013-02-25 14.47.22 If you haven't heard of Byron Katie's The Work before, let me introduce it to you now!  I could seriously end here and say "you're welcome!"  It is really good stuff and if you go to the resources page and print out Instructions for Doing the Work, several copies of Judge Your Neighbor Worksheet, and the Facilitation Guide, then you will have one of the most valuable tools that can keep you busy each time you have a stressful thought. It takes some practice to get it down well.  She has numerous videos you can watch to get the hang of how it works.  She has several great books.  But it all starts with identifying the stressful thought, then asking yourself four questions and turning it around.  Our stressful thoughts come from believing something that isn't true.  This is a great approach to shaking up our thoughts and beliefs. If you have heard of her, get intentional with putting the process to work.  Do 10 worksheets in 10 days....that's a great start! I am thankful I have some friends who I get together with sometimes as often as once a week and we do some of The Work together!  It is a process you can do alone or with someone else.  But the trick is that you do all the questioning yourself, even when you are with someone else.  You have to....because you are the one with the "stuck thought," so you got to be the one to "unstick" it. Would love to hear from you....are you familiar with her?  If not, check out her videos and website and let me know what you think!