I find myself doodling quite a bit these days. One thing that I find myself doodling over and over, even if it is in the air, is a butterfly. I collect penguins and ladybugs...why don't I doodle them? Sure, I could doodle these, too...but I tend to doodle butterflies more than anything and quite a few flowers.  Even when I write in my gratitude journal, I draw a little flower or butterfly next to each thing I am grateful for....or maybe a little heart.   I got to wondering what this might mean about me, so I looked it up! I found an interesting article here and learned that my flowers may indicate a gentle personality, a love of nature, and sometimes childlike innocence. I found an article online once, that I can no longer find that said some similar things but it said that flowers are doodled by social workers quite a bit...and...well....I AM a social worker! And yet another more extensive link has even more analysis of doodles!
I looked for butterfly doodles and really didn't find much, so I had to analyze myself. The butterfly is a symbol of healing and growth. If a caterpillar wasn't allowed to grow and push through the cocoon on its own, it never would be able to fly. That represents to me what I believe...adversity builds our that we will one day be able to fly.Do you doodle?  What types of doodles do you find yourself making?  What do you think they represent?