What Therapy Is

I am sure you have seen the memes floating around social media that say "Shopping with my Friends is My Therapy" and "The Beach is My Therapy" and "Quilting is My Therapy."  There are so many different variations to this and I would so often see these and feel something inside that irked me.  I thought this was my ego.  I mean, if we all go to the beach or take up quilting, what is the purpose of my job?  This job I love, this job I worked hard to be able to do, this job I take seriously. Then I read my friend and colleague's blog post about how Therapy is My Therapy and something clicked for me.  She is a rockstar, y'all!  That is an amazing post full of vulnerability and TRUTH!  Go read it and come back.  Here it is again!   While there very well may have been some of my ego perking up when I was put off by those memes, Celeste touched on something that resonated with me more than being put out of a job by horseback riding.  It is minimizing the hard, exhausting, beautiful, and amazing work that my clients have done in session.  Sometimes my people do feel relaxed and peaceful in my office.   But so often, they leave raw and exhausted from the work they have done.  They have dug deep, and I do have a goal of them finding relief, at least to some extent, but the journey to the relief can be harrowing and daunting and exhausting. Don't be afraid, the healing that takes place leads to peace and relaxation. So, now that this is cleared up.  Go have coffee with a friend as part of your self-care and get some therapy for your therapy!