Creative Dates with Yourself

It is amazing to me how just about all kids will love being creative.  Don't believe me?  Go to a Kindergarten class with some glitter and watch them light up and make a mess and make some art!  Somewhere along the line, so many of us lose this creative spark.  I am not sure why.  I believe that we lose something when we are no longer creative.  I am personally trying to reconnect with some creativity within.  I plan to make a weekly "creative date" with myself.  This is just an experiment to see what happens.  Would love to hear if anyone has done this and how it worked for them.  I plan to mix it up--throw in something I haven't done in a while one week, learn something new by using the Interwebs another week, and maybe I'll even take a class. I wrote a little something about being creative for anger control that has some creative ideas.  My adventures may show up in future posts.  I'm looking forward to some time tapping into that different part of my brain.