Finding Your Unique Strengths

When I was first introduced to this book, StrengthFinders 2.0, I had no idea what a valuable tool I had found.  When you get this book, it includes a code to take an online assessment to learn your top 5 strengths (out of 34).  (Note--if you get this book at a used bookstore, make sure the seal hasn't been broken on the unique code in the book to take the assessment). My number one strength was "Input" which was defined as a a craving to know more.  It said that those with this strength often like to "collect and archive" all kinds of information.  Before taking this test and understanding this AS A STRENGTH, I actually felt like it was a weakness.  I would judge and criticize myself for collecting articles, book, and various representations of knowledge.  To reframe it as a strength was such paradigm shift, freeing me from a bit of shame and embarrassment to embracing this part of me. Additionally, I was able to witness a transformation in someone who took the quiz and learned from the book that in each of their top five strengths, possible career choices included being a teacher.  They decided to go back to school to become a teacher.  This book and quiz allowed them to revisit a childhood dream of being a teacher. One AMAZING part of this book is that it is all strengths.  Learning your top five strengths is key to seeing how you operate in this world.  It is fun to know the strengths of others, as well, and how you interact with them.  If you find this super fascinating and want more, you can get all 34 of your strengths ranked, for an additional fee.

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