A Vision for the Year

Vision Boards are all the buzz these days.  Last year, I even heard of people having Vision Board parties, which I think is really pretty cool.  I started making Vision Boards about five years ago.  I wrote about it previously, as it is something that really resonates with me personally.  My personal Vision Boards have evolved.  As I mentioned in that previous post, I was running out of room....did not know where to store the Vision Boards.  I now use a 12x12 sheet of card stock, instead of larger as I had before, and can store them in a scrapbook readily available at a craft store. And, it turns out, there are virtual vision boards, just do an online search or download an app. My process is to find images in magazines that stand out to me and assemble them on my Vision Board.  I then hang it in my closet and look at it pretty much daily.  Different pieces will stand out at different times throughout the year.  Here is my Vision Board from 2017: At the end of 2016, I made it and one of the things that really stands out is Hawaii.   It is really hard to see...but it is hanging just under the ladybug clip used to hang it.  When I made the Vision Board, I really wanted to go to Hawaii for my 25th wedding anniversary, which I would celebrate in 2017.  I had not done anything other than mention to my husband...no saving of money, no making plans.  While we didn't go to Hawaii in 2017....we are going in the summer of 2018....tickets are bought and paid for, as is our Air B&B.  Just setting a few intentions can make all the difference. I am currently working on my Vision Board for 2018.  I hope you'll consider this fun and often powerful project for yourselves!