A Few of My Favorite Things

Write an article with bullet points and I am much more likely to read it.  Tell me it is the "top ten," and I may click on it before I know what the list is for.  Okay, so maybe I'm not quite that impulsive, but I have loved top ten lists dating back to David Letterman.  So, now that 2017 is out, I would like to share my own personal list for last year....wanted to do 10 but only did 5....it was still fun...
  1.  Podcast--choosing which is my favorite podcast for 2017 is really hard.  I know there are some who haven't joined the podcast listening crew, but I have and really enjoy catching some great topics just on my little commutes here and there.  My pick for the year is A Therapist Walks into a Bar.  If you haven't heard this one, check it out....even if you aren't a therapist.  She covers some topics that are intriguing and somewhat controversial at times.  And I really enjoy her delivery style.
  2. App--I remember when I first got the hang of apps and downloaded way too many.  I am much more discerning these days.  I think long and hard before downloading an app....and that's after checking reviews or getting word of mouth recommendations.  My favorite app pick for the year is Moment.  It's an app to help you learn more about your screen usage and can coach you on how to cut back.  I was able to do an assessment from the day I started using it and learned my average screen time is just under 2 hours per day.  If nothing else, it helps you become aware of how much time you are on your phone.  Awareness is huge, right?
  3. Book--I have to say Brené Brown delivered again this year with Braving the Wilderness.  It is right on time for so many of the thoughts and struggles of many of us in 2017.  Even when I am not blogging about it, I have noticed over the past several years that there will be one book that I read during the year that is (at the risk of sounding dramatic) life changing.  It seems Brené Brown's books will be that book for me IF I read one of her books that year.  This year's publication did not disappoint at all.
  4. Habit--Zentangle is one my newest finds.  It is part meditation and part creative fix.  Plus it is just kinda fun to do.  Here's one of my creations:
  5. Program to watch--television programming has changed over the last few years and is continuing to evolve.  Netflix is one of the programming choices we have....and they have some original shows that are quite good.  My pick for 2017 is the second season of Stranger Things.  Of course, you will want to watch the first season if you haven't yet.  For the most part, it is somewhat family friendly.  There are some dark and scary parts that may be too intense for some.  Some of the things I enjoy are thei 1980's references and how it features some kids as the heroes.
What are some things that would show up on your list?  Are there other categories that I should add?