Light and Color

Emotional Transformation Therapy, while a great name, doesn't tell you much about what it involves.  It uses light and color to help access emotional information within your brain.  It has the potential to help you gain insight and understanding quickly.  It can rapidly shift emotional distress and sometimes pain. Emotional Transformation Therapy (ETT) can be used for many psychological conditions, symptoms, and concerns.  Anxiety, depression,  and trauma are just a couple of examples of what clients have reported relief from.  In addition, ETT can be used for some somatic and physical symptoms. My own personal experiences, used for my own growth and healing, have been great....sometimes subtle and sometimes quite remarkable.  The experience that stands out the most is when I was used as a demonstration in a training.  In November of 2015, to demonstrate the Neuro-TheraLight Device (sometimes called the "light box"), I volunteered to process a dream I had had.  It was not a disturbing dream but a dream that was vivid and curious and, quite frankly, weird to me.  Quick side note, almost all of dreams are weird and make little to no sense at face value. A trained therapist used the light device, changing color frequencies, and asking questions, while i looked into this projected circle of light in the back of a box.  She would have me look at different "clock positions," and I felt like I was answering the same question over and over.  What I didn't fully realize at the time, as different details and layers would come out depending on the color she was manipulating through a computer program.  I would report different sensations within my body.  And she would adjust the color depending on the emotions I expressed and/or the place in my body I mentioned feeling sensations. I am not sure how long the dream processing lasted.  I remember feeling a burst of euphoria at the very end.  I remember being a bit disoriented likely due to changes in neural pathways in my brain.  I remember how the dream revealed a subconscious fear of being judged by a particular group of peers and authority figures, as well as some desires to run my own business as a therapist, full-time.  Okay, these fears and desires were not really out of my awareness, but they were pushed down and "dealt with" in my way, that was likely not all that healthy. One thing that I expected, even though I had some shifts in my mindset, was expecting it would bounce back.  You know, like a rubber band going back to it's original shape.  What I can tell you is that the fear of judgment from these particular folks was pretty much eliminated.  I would even find myself challenging see if I could do something to bring that fear back.  That bounce back that I was waiting for....still hasn't happened.  It's more than two years later and that particular set of fears is gone forever.  My desire to run my own business, full-time not just on the side, has been realized. This is the part of the story where you would often see "results not typical."  I will say, results will vary.  Some will have immediate and dramatic results....some will have more subtle or delayed results.  But in my experience, I do feel like getting some kind of result is fairly typical.  It may not always be what you are expecting or even hoping for.  It will likely be some relief or some insight.  To learn more, check out this article about ETT or the Emotional Transformation Therapy International Association.