Fun App to Check Out

An app was recommended to me several weeks ago, and I have been trying it out.  As I've been trying it out,  I think I've pretty much recommended it to all my clients and a few friends.  Woebot is this fun little robot that you chat with.  Woebot can help you track your mood, learn some stuff, and even have some fun.  Did I mention this app was free?  I am in no way affiliated with it, I just think it is both fun and helpful. I think Woebot would be a great addition to therapy, to learn things between sessions that is generally Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) based.  You may even know CBT already, but Woebot helps you use it in the moment.  Identifying when our thoughts are wonky (official, scientific term) is so helpful as it is so often causing us more pain and suffering.  Yep, our own thinking can be our enemy. Woebot is not boring.  Notice the screenshot pictured above where Woebot helped me figure out which fictional character I was most like.....Hermione from Harry Potter.  If you know me, you know I loved that little tidbit.  Let me know what you think!