One Percent

I like setting goals.  Setting some goals for the week, for the month, for the quarter, for the get the idea.  If you like setting goals, great!  Do it.  Write them down.  Check them off your list and feel that accomplishment. But this post is not about setting goals.  It is about taking action.  If looking at the big picture (such as goals) inspires you to take action, this post is not for you.  But keep reading, just in case. We so often get stuck with the big changes we want to make in life.  Stuck meaning absolutely no movement.  That is so frustrating.  We start to feel defeated.  We may start to sink into a depression. SOMETIMES, we need to take a baby step.  Baby steps are more sustainable, too.  I often ask my clients what is one thing they could do to feel 1% better, or to move 1% in the direction they are wanting or needing to go.  Sure, we would like to be 50% better....or 70% better....or 90% better.  But that can be so big that we continue to stay stuck.  The interesting thing is.....1% is movement....and movement can build momentum.  Or the 1% adds up to 2% then 4%. What is something you can do that will make things 1% better for you?  Or move you 1% in the direction you are trying to go?