The Power of Music

Let's take a break to appreciate some music.  Music has a powerful way of connecting us to our bodies and emotions.  How many times have we associated songs with memories? I made a quick playlist of music of a few of my go-to songs of feeling my emotions fairly deeply....or that maybe I feel inspired.

Emotion Evoking Playlist

This playlist is 10 songs, and it was pretty fun....and it is really 100% all over the map.  I would like to draw your attention to Madness by Muse at about 3:42.  For me, I can connect and feel Matt Bellamy as he sings, "I need your love."  Sometimes I want to feel that smidge of intensity for something I am processing or thinking about.  I can listen to this song and it helps me emote (fancy therapist term there :P). I would also like to say that Vaughan Penn's song, Ready to Rise, is a great one.  The one I really wanted to put on there is one called Truth, it just wasn't available on Spotify.  This song is from Grey's Anatomy back in the early days of the show.  Its lyrics are what I found so stinking powerful:

"This time I'm gonna stand right here in the truth--In the truth--the beautiful, troublesome truth--Honesty, bittersweet honesty"

I could probably write another blog entry around the power of standing in our truth, our beautiful, troublesome truth.  And maybe I will.  I just want to leave that here for you as you consider some music selections, based on the lyrics, the music, and the emotions conjured up by the singer.  I would love to hear what you thought of my list.  What songs should I add?