Rethinking Lazy

A few weeks ago, I explored some thoughts about boredom....and today I want to explore lazy.  Is it a feeling?  Is it a description?  It seems to have a fairly negative vibe when it is used, almost a value judgment.  I think it is at least worth being neutral.  When we place value judgments, it seems to me we are moving toward shame.  Shame = Disconnection.  For me, I have a value of connection, so I want to move away from shame.  Now, I know that I talked about how shame can be a defense mechanism.....I also know that shame is counter to what I want, and I am betting it is for you as well.  While it is good to be understanding how shame may have been useful for you.  I would would also like to gently and consistently move away from it. Let's look a little further at lazy.  Merriam-Webster defined it as "disinclined to activity or exertion" and "not energetic or vigorous."  It seems to me that it is a good thing to conserve energy and not exert yourself.  Is it appropriate to always be energetic and vigorous?  There is a place for stillness and meditation.  I will be revisiting boredom in a future post, but being bored and lazy allows us to go inward and feel more at peace, have more clarity and maybe even creativity.  It's when we take the time to be lazy that we can then appreciate the activity of our lives.  The world is so busy and jumping right into the busy-ness leads to feeling overwhelmed.  Let's reclaim the word lazy.  If you are feeling lazy, embrace it....go inward....allow it to serve you!