I'm a Little Bit Nerdy

Wil Wheaton has been quoted as saying...
Being a Nerd is taking the time to really understand what goes on in the world instead of just riding the planet through space.....being a nerd or a geek is not about what you love, but how you love it.
When I was growing up, being called a nerd was akin to being called a bad name.  Nowadays, for many, it is just an identifier, a title that is worn proudly.    Let's talk a little bit about being a nerd and why I love being a little bit nerdy. There are lots of kinds of nerds out there.  And based on the quote above, you can be almost any kind of nerd you'd like.  You could be a math nerd, a computer nerd, a science nerd, a band nerd....  All of these and more are great kinds of nerds to be.  There are "fandoms" out there of certain science fiction or fantasy books or films.  There are board game and card game fans, as well as video game fans....that branch into other kinds of nerds.  There are even Disney nerds!  The list goes on.... As for me, my top favorites (in no particular order) are Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and Sherlock.  In addition, I've enjoyed some Star Wars, Star Trek, and Game of Thrones.  And I do enjoy a few super hero films or television. I especially love Doctor Strange. But WHY I love these so much is that there are oh, so many metaphors.  I am always looking for metaphors that we can get a little more depth of insight into our lives.  Any time I have a client create their own metaphor, I run with it.  If they are a nerd  I will use that...of course, it helps if they are a nerd in the same fandom (although that is not 100% required).  Harry Potter is usually the most known of my three faves that will come out when talking nerdy in session.  JK Rowling included a great deal of metaphors applicable to our mental health.  I believe she even modeled dementors after depression. Aside from metaphors, a reason I enjoy being a nerd is there is an additional connection when you both love the same nerdy thing.  This recent addition caught the attention of a couple folks in my office already: I enjoy a movie or show more if I can find metaphors in them.  And I'm open to suggestions as well. I am happy to expand my nerdy-ness.  If you want to get me to watch or read something, that is a surefire way to catch my attention....tell me how powerful the metaphor is for you....I will often want to look for it myself!  What are your personal favorites?  Do you consider yourself a nerd?  What do you love so much, you put a lot of yourself into it?