Redefining Sexy

I was reminded this week of a book I read a couple years ago that was so good.  Here is a quote from Glennon Doyle Melton’s book, Love Warrior, where she defined the word “sexy.”  This definition inspired me so much I made it the word of the year for me for 2017.
Sexy is a grown-up word to describe a person who’s confident that she is already exactly who she was made to be.  A sexy woman knows herself and she likes the way she looks, thinks, and feels.  She doesn’t try to change to MATCH anybody else.  She’s a good friend to herself—kind and patient.  And she knows how to use her words to tell people she trusts about what’s going on inside of her—her fears and anger, love, dreams, mistakes, and needs.  When she’s angry, she expresses her anger in healthy ways.  When she’s joyful, she does the same thing.  She doesn’t hide her true self because she’s not ashamed.  She knows she’s just human—exactly how God made her and that’s good enough.  She’s brave enough to be honest and kind enough to accept others when they’re honest.  When two people are sexy enough to be brave and kind with each other, that’s love.  Real sexy is letting your true self come out of hiding and find love in safe places.
Deep breath.  How amazing is that?  Go read it again!  If you haven’t read her book, I hope you will.  It was such a raw and beautiful experience for me, and I think so many others.

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