Sometimes I Cringe

When I think back to things I have thought, said, and even written down....sometimes I cringe.  I like to think I am evolving and growing, as we all are.  And that is something that definitely we run the risk of, as we learn more and more.....figuring out we said some not-so-smart things ore even some hurtful things.  And maybe there is a record of it.  With social media anymore, we can sometimes go back and see where we messed up in our thinking. If we aren't careful, though, this fear that we don't know everything we need to know may keep us from saying or doing anything.  This blog, for instance, may have some posts that I later re-think and decide are incorrect or misleading.  As I discussed about the thorny path, I would really hate to know I created some thorns for folks as they were walking along their path.  But then if I let this fear stop me, I would never least nothing worth much of anything in reading.  I offer a hat tip to anyone who writes and publishes, as they take risks all the time.  There is no way we can possibly be as evolved as possible before we write. Write anyway.  Take the risk.  You WILL evolve and grow.  You MAY look back and say, "Oh no....did I really?"  And you may be able to print a retraction or write an apology. Speak anyway.  If you remember something you said to someone and now cringe, call them up and apologize....or make amends in some way. Read and listen anyway.  Try to give grace to those who mess up.  Maybe they haven't learned what they need to learn yet. Remember what we are learning about growth mindset?  And, by all means, keep growing. .....when we know better, we do better (the last part is a quote by Maya Angelou).