Eating Instinct

I just finished a book that I would love everyone to read.  The Eating Instinct had me in tears in the first chapter.  Virginia Sole-Smith writes about her own personal struggle when she had a baby that was refusing to eat, likely due to medical trauma.  Sole-Smith writes about a subject that is compelling to read, as she weaves her own story (and that of her daughter) throughout many others who struggle with eating concerns, including struggles with weight and health.  She asks questions that make you think, including thoughts regarding philosophical reasons behind why we think about food and eating the way we, as a culture, do.  She sprinkles in some science and opinions of some leaders in the world of food and eating, including a couple of my favorites:  Linda Bacon and Christy Harrison. This book might be for you.... ...if you are trying to fight diet culture.  It can help you form some stronger thoughts and beliefs around why you continue to fight. ...if you are not sure what you think about diet culture.  She offers many reasons to think more about this topic. ...if you just want a clearer picture of the many layers of experiences around food throughout the country. I personally feel impacted so much from her book, that I want to read it (at least parts of it) again and put post-it notes around some amazing thoughts and quotes.  Have you read this gem of a book yet?  What are your thoughts?

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