Personal Word of the Year

For the last 8 years I have chosen a word or concept to be my intention for the next year.  I say I have chosen, but interestingly….the word chooses me.  Fellow Harry Potter fans, will see the reference to the wand choosing the wizard….I digress.  Nonetheless, it has really been an interesting journey.  I have come to expect that the word shows up over and over toward the end of the year….often around November.  Some years it has glared at me, almost mocked me as it showed up over and over.  Other years, it is subtle.  This year, it has been subtle….up until now. My natural thinking when the word doesn’t show up is to start to question that it ever showed up in the years before and I am just silly.  I wrote about my word for 2018 here.  It was a fun one and it truly was a good word of intention for me.

This year, I was getting subtle cues of something like “brave”or “courage.”  But it smacked me in the face JUST THIS WEEK….and honestly and a bit ironically, I am afraid to say it out loud and put it out there.  But (cue drum roll)… word for 2019 is FEARLESS.

How about you?  Do you have a word of the year?  Do you choose it or does it choose you?