My Version of a Vision Board

As the year begins to wind down, we start thinking about the next year. Last week, I shared my tradition of having a word of the year. Another tradition I have is creating a vision board for the year. I wrote about it last year. I don't really follow any rules here. I flip through magazines and find words, phrases, and pictures that feel like something I'd like to be involved in my coming year. It doesn't have to be packed full. It can be just a few images. As you can see, the photo of my 2018 vision board is quite sparse, but it still worked well for me. A couple years ago, I began to use a smaller "canvas" of a scrapbook page instead of a larger poster board. I know there are digital versions and that would likely work as well. I'm hanging on a bit to this "old-fashioned" method for now. How about you? Any digital vision board apps or websites you recommend?