An Alternative to A New Year’s Resolution

 One of my first introductions to self-acceptance several years ago was Rosie Molinary. If you aren’t already familiar, go check her out. While you are at it, sign up for her email. She has a great book, Beautiful You–A Daily Guide to Radical Self-Acceptance. A few years ago, I got the first edition and starting reading it regularly. When the second edition came out, I had the opportunity to get a signed copy. I have kind of a thing for collecting books that are signed by the author. I gave the first edition to a friend and ordered the second edition with Rosie’s autograph  Resolutions are an interesting tradition. They often don’t last very long and some of us will set them and then feel like we failed. Sigh. I recommend setting up small moments of self-care throughout the day, and you can look it as a resolution if you would like but self-care can be implemented regularly and need no official start date. Some ideas about self-care can be found here and here. Another excellent resource, is Rosie Molinary’s book. She has a daily short read, usually not more than a page. Maybe begin or end your day by reading and considering her thoughts and ideas. If you don’t read it daily, that is fine as well….there’s no strict guidelines with her book.