Narrowing It Down to Two

As I’ve mentioned before, I am a Brené Brown fan.  Usually, when I get a book of hers, I read it quite quickly.  She had a new book come out in October that, for some reason I didn’t read so quickly.  I started it right away and cannot really figure out my reasoning for going slowly.  May have nothing to do with the book and everything to do with me.  I’m currently reading about 20 pages a week.  I do read other books, as I read several at a time (which annoys Hubs but he’s gotten used to it).  But this one is on the side, and I’m moving through it in slow motion. At any rate, I am to a point in the book where she recommends a values exercise.  You may have done exercises like this in the past.  You could do a web search and find a list of values, or she provided a list in her book.  Then identify the ones that resonate with you.  The values are already in you, it’s just a matter of identifying them.  Exercises like this are fun, to me.  Brené recommends starting with the 10 or 15 values that you like and feel are important to you, and then narrowing it down to one or two.  Once you have the one or two words, they can be your guiding values when you make choices. I read this part in her book this past Sunday, and right away was able to identify one of my values as connection.  Brené (as you can see, I call her by her first name, hope she doesn’t mind) shared that her two were courage and faith.  I really like hers, and the temptation was just to adopt her two words….but they aren’t my words.  As of the writing of this post, I am still trying to identify my second one, as she said I can have two so I want a second one (winky face).  I am thinking the second one will have to do with freedom or determination, but I am not so sure yet. Have you done any exercises like this?  Can you narrow it down to one or two?