Sorry, Not Sorry

Earlier this week, on social media, I re-posted a picture of some examples of what to say instead of “I’m sorry.”  I remember reading an article several months ago of trying to say, “thank you” instead of “I’m sorry.”  But then, after posting the Instagram picture, a TED talk showed up in my life talking about this very thing.  We apologize all the time.  Why do we do that?  What do you find yourself saying “sorry” for? Yesterday morning, I am at my office getting my mail from the multi-mailbox area.  It’s a small hallway.  Someone else says, “excuse me, “ as she wants to squeeze by and check her mail.  I get out of her way and say….out loud, “Oh, I am so very sorry.”  Does that warrant an apology?  Of course not.  She did great saying, “excuse me,” but I went over the top with an apology...for what?  How about you?  Do you find yourself saying, “sorry,” when it isn’t necessary?  Just notice it.  And notice others apologizing for things.  And gently begin stepping back and seeing if there’s something better to say.  Very often, a “thank you,” really can replace it. On a side note, in the TED talk, she mentions a Google chrome extension that you can download if you use Google chrome.  It underlines “sorry” and other apologetic words, so you can be aware how often you may be using this language in emails, etc.  I downloaded it and am excited to be more aware.