Dogs and Cats Living Together—Mass Hysteria!

I am a cat person. I think cats are better than dogs. Before you go hating on me, hear me out. I've had dogs before. I grew up with one and then when my daughter was young, we got a weenie dog because she seriously needed a dog. Also, I will say this….I appreciate SO MUCH what dogs can do for people. I don't hate dogs….at all. I want all animals to be treated humanely. Elephant videos make me happy. I worry about sea turtles. But back to the divisive topic of I think cats are better than dogs. I do. I just do. I have three cats that are spoiled beyond belief. They bring me so much joy. I miss them when I am away from them. In addition, I like to see pictures and videos of other people's cats. I love to hear stories about cats. And honestly, if you like cats and/or have cats, you bump up at least a little bit on my opinion of you. Cats are better than dogs. Sounds really combative to say this, right? If you have read this far, you are probably also a cat person….or you are looking to argue back about dogs. Or….you know me and are waiting for me to make a point. It's not about the cats and dogs. This is a metaphor for a polarizing subject. Geez, it seems like the world is more divided than ever on just about every topic! There's the big two—religion and politics. And in my world, there's anti-diet culture (which is a little bit of religion and politics, amiright?) What do you do when someone you love and respect….and want to have a connection with "hates cats"? If I'm honest, I feel at least a touch of disappointment when they are open about their dislike of cats or animals in general. Or if they say they are more of a dog person. How can we accept that someone we love and respect has different beliefs? Can we still love and respect them? Why or why not? We are so wired for connection and want to be accepted in a group, that we want to know who is in our circle and who's out? We take issues and start sorting folks out into groups….to see who we is friend and who is foe? What if we stop the sorting for a moment. I am not saying these issues are not big deals…..but the issues do not equal the person….the human. The human is right where they are….love and accept them. They likely have reasons, and good reasons, for believing dogs are better than cats.