Soundtrack to Your Life

Earlier this week, I was listening to ‘80's music and Total Eclipse of the Heart started playing. At some point in the song, I said to my husband, "This song sounds like teenage angst to me." The reason for this is….well I was a teenager when the song was popular and I had angst. Then yesterday, I was listening to a podcast, Every Little Thing. This podcast is a hodgepodge of topics, but this week was all about music. The first half was about how to get rid of an earworm. When a song gets stuck in your head, which is a common phenomenon for most of us. But the second half of the podcast was about songs that play vivid memories of times in our lives. What is the soundtrack to your life like? What songs from your past evoke a memory for you? A couple of years ago, I was tasked with determining a "walk-up song" for myself (like when a baseball player walks up to the plate, but for walking up to whatever you are doing). I came up with Roar by Kay Perry. What's your "walk-up song"? Pay attention the music in your life. It is quite powerful and emotional.