The Language of the Body

Listening to a new (to me) podcast of Esther Perel, she said something I found quite profound. She said the first 18 months of our lives, we communicated almost solely with our bodies. It is our mother tongue. She said so beautifully, with her Belgian accent. I had to pause the podcast and let it soak in. We communicate with our bodies regularly. Right now, as you read this, look at what your body is saying? Where are your shoulders? Are you curling inward, or are you more open? How's your jaw? Your brow? How about your toes? Many therapists specialize in somatic type therapies. And honestly, some of the treatments I use fall more in the "what are you noticing in your body?" category. But just for now, listen more closely to your body. If there is a stance, a movement, a body part that seems to be standing out, maybe journal what it might be trying to tell you. Maybe notice your posture when you are communicating. Can you shift it? Does it change what you say or how you say it?