Waiting to Breathe

Ever feel like you are holding your breath until something is over? Waiting for the thing to change. I put the word thing in italics because just about anything can go in that space:

  • Job change
  • Health condition to get better
  • New medications to work
  • Loved one to stop destructive behavior
  • Get a job
  • Finish school

That list could go on and on and get quite painful. What I am about to say may seem harsh, but what if….for right now….we accept that this is the way it is. Learn how to breathe right now, even if nothing changes. I'm not saying to give up hope, but while we are holding our breath, we are likely making things worse. It is probably not helping, at least. Ironically, sometimes, when we accept things the way they are, they do change. But even if they don't, the breathing will be good for us.