Listening to Our Bodies

This quote says so much! We live in a world that can be difficult to navigate. Listening to and trusting bodies is one of our most powerful roadmaps in navigating this world. Diet culture and eating disorders steal this away from us. Let's get it back! What if we take a hot minute to consider something….anything that is going on RIGHT NOW within us? Maybe we need to shift the position in which we are sitting. Maybe we need to take a nap. Maybe we need to stop wearing the shoes that make our feet hurt. Maybe we need to eat a snack. Maybe we need to call a friend. Maybe we need to sign up for that pottery class at the local college. Maybe we need to turn our phone off. Maybe we need to journal. Maybe we need to pet our cat. Maybe we need to move to another room. There are so many things that could be going on with you right now. Take a minute, literally 60 seconds, to check-in and ask your body (not your brain), what is going on right now? What do I need? Start listening to your body again, in small moments. It has a wealth of wisdom and information you can access.