What If It's a Gift?

A friend shared with me a thought, a question really, that she had been pondering. "What if it's a gift?" It is such a simple idea, but if we are feeling stress and frustration, or perhaps disappointment, it could be so helpful to step back and ask ourselves, "What if it's a gift?" Notice it is not saying for sure it is a gift, but it softens things up so that we can consider the possibility that it might be. So often, there are factors that we don't know and may never know. Is there any way to imagine the thing we are experiencing MIGHT be a gift? Things didn't work out because there is a better thing coming up. Or maybe what we thought would be amazing had hidden problems that would have been drama and pain for us. Or perhaps this struggle we are going through is going to inspire us to make an impact in the world. There are so many possibilities. This is not a blanket statement declaring it is definitely a gift. But can we, even if it is just momentarily, imagine that maybe it is?