When Is the Best Time to Plant a Tree?

Something that has been coming up in the therapy room and with some of my friends is the idea of regret….or guilt….or I should've done this sooner. I am reminded of a quip that I heard ages ago but still seems relevant.

When is the best time to plant a tree? 15 years ago

When is the second-best time to plant a tree? Today

We haven't found a way to go back in time and do that thing that it would've been good to do. Although, if you have been visited by a mad man in a blue box (or madwoman now)--shout out to my fellow Whovians let us know. But since we can't time travel, we can be present now. Do the thing now. Call the friend or your mom or the doctor. Hang out and listen to your kid. Take the art class or cooking class. There might be things that are genuinely unable to be done now. Maybe you can't call that friend or your mom because they are no longer with us…..be gentle with yourself and grieve. AND…..seize the day for the things we can do. Go plant that tree!