Are You Expecting a Cat to Bark?

Who in your life frustrates the Cheez Whiz out of you? Do you have a boss who micromanages you? Maybe you have a friend who is always negative? Could it be a relative who is relentlessly commenting on the latest diet? Or course, boundaries are a thing….and something we need to set sometimes. I'll save that conversation for another time because I don't want to water it down. Just know that sometimes we need to set a boundary and stick to it, and sometimes, we have an internal boundary of what we are willing to accept into our psyche. If it is not time to enforce the boundary, for whatever reason, try this mind game with yourself. See these people like cats. When they say the thing or do the thing, mentally tell yourself, "Yes, they are a cat, of course, they are going to meow. What did I think they were going to bark?" It may seem silly, but (a) I kind of like silly….and (b) sometimes silly works. You may be finding yourself smiling instead of frustrated. I learned this from a friend, and now I almost look forward to these little frustrations. You might even find me muttering under my breath, "The cat's meowing again."