Making It up as I Go Along

Y'all! (Read this with the most southern drawl you can muster in your head!) I wrote about the pandemic some last week, and I told myself that I was writing one blog about it and moving on to other content. Maybe that is my way of coping, to try to maintain some normalcy in my life and routine. Since I seldom blog ahead of time, I am writing based on current events and inspiration in my life. Maybe it was a tad unrealistic only to have one blog post that has some content related to this pandemic, this global event that is touching each of us in one way or another. I want to say this. NONE of us know what we are doing. Nobody knows for sure how to do this. Sure, there are experts on biology and disease and even pandemics. There are experts on anxiety management and stress. There are experts on critical incidents. That does not mean they know what they are doing right now. So much of this is unprecedented. So much of this is uncertain and unknown. And each of us is figuring out what it means in our life. If you feel like you are making it up as you go, it is probably because you are! Giving ourselves so much grace and gentleness, however we are managing and whatever that looks like, is key to getting through this! We WILL get through this!