A paper begun is a paper half done. 

Have you ever heard this phrase? I remember this being my mantra when I was in graduate school (and I am reprising it for my current school program). If you have not heard this phrase and are a student, you might want to add this mantra to your repertoire.

I think this can be applied to other things in our life, too. How many know going to that first counseling appointment is the most challenging part? Or showing up for ourselves in different ways, just the showing up part is the hardest part.

Probably one of the biggest things that I see as halfway there is awareness. It may seem odd, but the awareness around what the real concern is, not just the symptoms that we chase and tackle, but the core issue that needs to addressing and healing… that awareness is halfway there.

This week's thought is a simple one but not an easy one. Simple in that the beginning is the hardest part and starting is the biggest hurdle. Still, it is encouraging to know where we are in whatever process. If you have that awareness and it hit you hard in your gut, remember that you are halfway there.